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Field Trip Opportunities

Danville Parks and Recreation and the Danville Science Center are offering several field trip packages including half and full day options. Trips can be catered and customized to meet the needs of teachers and students and will be a gateway to connecting scenes from the book.

Field trips will be led by Parks and Recreation and Danville Science Center staff and will broaden ideas learned in the classroom setting. An example half-day or full-day package includes:

Interpretive Trail Hike- 2 to 3 hours

Students will begin field trip with interpretive activities such as examining otter tracks, an otter pelt (fur), and games leading into a hike following the adventure in the book from the dam down on the Riverwalk trail.  Students will have the opportunity to witness locations first hand from the book while discussing main points of the story while looking for signs of otters and learning about their habitats and ecosystems in which they live. During the trip students will learn what four things otters need to survive, and about their predators and prey. Students will also learn about the effects of runoff from heavy rain and why the Dan River is often brown by using an enviroscape.

SOLs covered-  Science 4.5a,b,c,d,e,f  4.6a,b,c  4.9a,b,d

Danville Science Center and Lunch- 2 to 3 hours

Upon arriving at the Danville Science Center, participants will walk down to a section of the river for a first hand lesson in ecology, including simple water-monitoring techniques. Learn about our local ecosystem and watershed directly from the Dan River. After finishing with activities along the river, visit the center’s natural history collection, which includes taxidermy mammals, birds, reptiles and insects from around the region. You will be able to see two of Danny’s cousins that are part of the collection.   

SOLs covered- Science 4.5d, 4.9a,b  4.4d,  4.5b, c, d, f
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Field trips are fully customizable and cost $5 per student. To set up a trip, call Danville Parks and Recreation at (434) 799-5150.